1. What is ColoristFoundry?
Colorist Factory has evolved into Colorist Foundry, marking a significant milestone in our journey. Our dedication to delivering premium color grading tools and resources is stronger than ever. This new name embodies our broader vision and our commitment to nurturing a community of creative talents. We’re thrilled to embark on this exciting new phase at Colorist Foundry. Additionally, we are proud to announce that all proceeds from our products are invested in film projects at Filmblade Studios, as well as in maintaining our channel and resources.

1. What is FilmVerse?
FilmVerse is a DaVinci Resolve Studio plugin designed to replicate the film look with advanced color math and intuitive controls, redefining film emulation, skin-tone fidelity, and color saturation.

2. How do I install FilmVerse?
To install FilmVerse, navigate to the color page, access settings, and open the “Color Management” section. Then, click on “Open LUT Folder” and place the provided DCTL files into this folder. Restart Resolve after installation.

3. How do I set up FilmVerse?
Setting up involves creating a node tree following specific instructions, which include using the Color Space Transform plugin for input and output, adding the FilmVerse DCTL plugin, and adjusting settings for optimal performance.

4. What are the main features of FilmVerse?
Key features include realistic accuracy of film characteristics, design within Davinci Wide Gamut color space, intuitive control mechanisms, switchable Vision 500T and 500T + 2383(D65) modes, skin-tone adaptability, and custom saturation and density controls.

5. What are FilmCurve Emulation LUTs?
FilmCurve Film emulation LUTs (Look-Up Tables) are digital tools designed to transform the color and tonal characteristics of digital footage to mimic the look of specific film stocks, such as Kodak Vision3 500T. They are used in color grading to achieve a cinematic look in digital video projects.

6. What makes FilmCurve LUTs “mathematically true” and why is it important?
Being “mathematically true” means that our LUTs are created based on precise mathematical models that accurately replicate the colorimetry and tonal response of film stocks. This ensures that the emulation is not only visually appealing but also consistent and reliable across different shots and projects, providing a true film aesthetic.
7. Do you provide refunds?
This product is a result of hundreds of hours of effort and has been in development for more than a year. We can’t offer a complete refund. But we can offer a partial refund of up to 50%*

For more detailed instructions and features, please refer to the full guidebook. Long live Cinema.

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