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Accurate Film Emulation kit designed for NLEs and camera systems.

Accurate film look
- a 2024 workflow


Inspired by the legendary Kodak Vision3 500T film stock, FilmCurve LUTs are crafted for filmmakers and colorists aiming for the pinnacle of authenticity and precision. Our LUTs offer a transformative experience, meticulously replicating the distinctive look and feel of the iconic Kodak Vision3 500T.

Our LUTs are engineered for all workflows

A. Wide Gamut to Wide Gamut (Davinci Color Transform Sandwich)
B. Wide Gamut to Display (Premiere Pro – LOG-Rec709)
C. Camera LUTs (LOG-Rec709)

This ensures that the integrity and dynamic range of your footage are preserved. Experience the rich, nuanced colors, the deep, emotive contrasts, and the timeless color texture that have made Kodak Vision3 500T a staple in cinematic storytelling. 

flexible Accuracy

Our film emulation LUTs stand apart in the crowded market of color grading tools through their unwavering commitment to mathematical precision and true scene-referred design. Unlike standard LUTs that often approximate the look of the film through subjective adjustments, our LUTs result from rigorous analysis and replication of film stock characteristics, ensuring that the transformation of digital footage to film quality is not only visually accurate but mathematically true to the source material.

This meticulous approach guarantees that each LUT not only emulates the aesthetic of Kodak Vision3 500T with astonishing accuracy but also preserves the integrity and intention behind every frame.


Resolve: Wide Gamut

Step 1: Applying Input Color Space Transformation (CST In)

Right-click on the first node and select ‘Color Space Transform’. Set the ‘Input Color Space’ to match your camera profile (e.g., ARRI Wide Gamut 4) and ‘Input Gamma’ (e.g., ARRI LogC4). Set the ‘Output Color Space’ and ‘Output Gamma’ to DaVinci Wide Gamut and DaVinci Intermediate, respectively.

Step 2: Applying the Film LUT

Right-click on the second node (the Film LUT node). Go to ‘LUTs’ and navigate to the folder where you stored your LUTs. Select the LUT you wish to apply (e.g., Filmblade Film (Base)).

Step 3: Applying Output Color Space Transformation (CST Out)

Right-click on the third node and select ‘Color Space Transform’. Set the ‘Input Color Space’ to DaVinci Wide Gamut and ‘Input Gamma’ to DaVinci Intermediate (matching the output from CST In). Choose your desired ‘Output Color Space’ and ‘Output Gamma’ for delivery (e.g., Rec.709 and Gamma 2.4).

Step 4: Adjusting the LUT

With the LUT applied, you can now adjust its intensity by changing the Key Output Gain in the Key panel. Make further color adjustments as needed to achieve the desired look.

Premiere Pro:
Simple Workflow

To install LUTs in Adobe Premiere Pro, follow these steps:

1. Open Premiere Pro and go to the “Color” workspace by clicking on “Color” at the top of the screen.
2. In the Lumetri Color panel on the right, navigate to the Creative tab.
3. Click on the drop-down menu next to “Look” to access the input LUT options.
4. Choose “Browse…” at the bottom of the list.
5. Navigate to the folder where your LUTs (.cube files) are saved, select the LUT you want to use, and click “Open” to apply it.
6. Your selected LUT will now be applied to your footage.

For organizational purposes, you may want to place your LUTs in the Premiere Pro LUTs folder for easier access. This folder is typically located in `C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Year]\Lumetri\LUTs\Creative` on Windows and `/Applications/Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Year]/Adobe Premiere Pro CC [Year].app/Contents/Lumetri/LUTs/Creative` on Mac. However, this step is optional as you can load LUTs from any location on your computer.


Moreover, our LUTs redefine flexibility in color grading. By truly being scene-referred, they maintain a high degree of adaptability regarding input and output color spaces. This unique characteristic means they are designed to work flawlessly within a wide range of color workflows, particularly excelling in environments that utilize DaVinci Wide Gamut. Such versatility ensures that regardless of the original footage’s color space, our LUTs can be seamlessly integrated, offering unparalleled creative freedom and fidelity. This level of adaptability and accuracy sets our film emulation LUTs in a class of their own, providing filmmakers and colorists with tools that are not only technically superior but infinitely expressive.

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⚠️ Compatibility Cameras Listed Below

Compatible Cameras

ARRI: Alexa, Amira
Blackmagic Design: Various models including Pocket Cinema Camera, URSA Mini, and more
Canon: Cinema EOS, DSLRs (e.g., EOS 5D, EOS 7D)
DJI: Drones and Osmo
GoPro: HERO series
Nikon: DSLRs (e.g., D810, D850)
Panasonic: VariCam, Lumix
Sony: Alpha series, FS series, Venice

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