Quick skin tones fix for Premiere Pro users

No matter what look you’re after, skin tones are a crucial area of any color grade. Especially when you are working with strong creative LUTs it is really important to take care that the LUT settings don’t overpower the skin tones.

In this blog, let’s discuss a basic rule of thumb to get your skin tones right on track after a heavy color grading process. And that rule is that all skin-tones should lie in the following region on the color wheel. [Shown below]

How to fix skin tones?

Using this rule of thumb you can correct the skin tones of any shot in which skin tones seem to be tinted towards a certain color. Check out the video below to see how to get perfect skin tones step by step using this rule in Adobe Premiere Pro. We use HSL color picker in HSL tab to isolate our skin tones from the rest of the image, but if you remember the rule of thumb correctly then you can recreate the same steps as shown below in whatever software you edit your projects in.

Why premiere pro?

We are aiming at premiere pro users as of right now. Reason being, we want to help people avoid a long round trip for color grading via Davinci Resolve. And secondly, we realize how not all filmmakers are here to grade and create cinematic visuals, some are here to tell a story and want to stick to premiere pro for ease of storytelling. And we are aiming at such creative professionals. 

We hope Colorist Factory LUTs helped you get the look you were looking for in your next project! Make sure to follow us on Instagram for more fresh cinematic color inspiration @colorist.factory. Also we’ve started a cool project of making a tutorial on utilizing each and every LUT we give in our packs! So make sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel!  

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