FilmCurve Film Emulation Kit

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A "lite" version of FilmVerse Plugin for Non-Davinci users and Camera systems.


  • Davinci Wide Gamut Version of LUTs
  • Premiere Pro & Camera LUTs

Our film emulation LUTs stand apart in the crowded market of color grading tools through their unwavering commitment to mathematical precision and true scene-referred design. Unlike standard LUTs that often approximate the look of film through subjective adjustments, our LUTs are the result of rigorous analysis and replication of film stock characteristics, ensuring that the transformation of digital footage to filmic quality is not only visually accurate but mathematically true to the source material. This meticulous approach guarantees that each LUT not only emulates the aesthetic of Kodak Vision3 500T with astonishing accuracy but also preserves the integrity and intention behind every frame.

Moreover, our LUTs redefine flexibility in color grading. By truly being scene-referred, they maintain a high degree of adaptability regarding input and output color spaces. This unique characteristic means they are designed to work flawlessly within a wide range of color workflows, particularly excelling in environments that utilize DaVinci Wide Gamut. Such versatility ensures that regardless of the original footage's color space, our LUTs can be seamlessly integrated, offering unparalleled creative freedom and fidelity. This level of adaptability and accuracy sets our film emulation LUTs in a class of their own, providing filmmakers and colorists with tools that are not only technically superior but infinitely expressive.

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