Can you re-create Tenet Color Grading using a Free LUT? ( Free Download )

Here is an attempt to bring the powerful “Tenet” look to your average camera footage. For this "look" we are using the “Waithe” look from our sunlight category.

Being one of the most anticipated films of 2020, Tenet not only has a complex storyline but the visuals and color grading is a bit different this time. It was shot using a large-format and IMAX film by cinematographer Hoyte van Hoytema. If you are wondering how you can get the “Tenet” look in premiere pro, we’ve got you covered with our Waithe.LUT (A LUT from our Premium Bundle).

So here is an attempt to bring the powerful “Tenet” look to your average camera footage. For this look we are using the “Waithe” look from our sunlight category. While LUTs from the sunlight category are specifically designed for out-door shots involving natural light, we found that this particular LUT could be used for interior shots as well. The LUT can work with footage from literally any camera: BMPCC, ARRI, DJI, SONY, CANON, RED. Of Course given that the footage is properly color corrected and has balanced whites. (If you don’t know how to color correct a footage, here’s a quick tutorial for that.)

This is not our first time recreating a look from a major blockbuster. We’ve already recreated several blockbuster looks in the past, in premiere pro. Some of them are Joker 2019, End of the F***ing World, Call me by your name, Blade Runner 2049, No time to die, The Witcher, and many more. We’re glad that we were easily able to reproduce such a film looks with our premium bundle. This is an important feature for us, especially since we always recommend investing LUTs that give you a comprehensive variety, without compromising on quality. We’re thrilled that our own LUTs live up to that motto. Especially in today’s market, where so-called “Cinematic LUTs” are loosely sold as snake oil (i.e. as a one-stop solution for color grading). If you want to check out our LUTs they are on our LUTs page.

Both of these are a part of our Bundle pack. (check it out hereIt’s amazing to see how our bundle pack easily holds up to recreate any grade out there. From blockbusters like Blade Runner to Art house films like Call Me by Your Name, also including series like Peaky Blinders and Euphoria. We’ve recreated almost every aesthetic, you can check it out on our Instagram page. Okay back to our grade, let’s get into it.


  1. We’ll add a Lumetri Panel, and we are going to color correct the shot.
  2. We’ll add another Lumetri Panel, and apply LUT under the creative tab.
  3. We’re going to add our third Lumetri layer and place it above our LUT-Lumetri Layer.
  4. Using this Lumetri, select and adjust skin tones.

Don’t worry if you didn’t get any of it, you can find a video tutorial towards the end of our blog. Check out the following examples of before and after color grading using our “Waithe” LUT.


Do note that we have exported our LUTs and Skin Tones Adjustments as premiere preset files. You can directly import these into premiere presets and apply them directly onto your video layer. If you do not know how to import a Premiere Preset file, you can read the following blog.

Play Video


Tenet has given the most sophisticated color palette of this year. We’re glad that we were easily able to reproduce the film look of Tenet with our Premium Bundle. As we always recommend investing in LUTS that gives you a comprehensive variety ( without compromising on quality and sophistication ), we’re pleased that our own LUTS live up to this motto especially in today’s market where terms like “CINEMATIC LUTS” are loosely thrown around. If you want to check out Premium Bundle, it’s on our LUTs page.

Likewise, if you’re looking for some serious color grading inspiration, check out our Instagram. It’s a treasure trove of cinematic images. A diverse selection of visually appealing photos is made available to you courtesy of our team. Think of this as an increase in the number of mood boards to use as inspiration for your own work. Follow us on Instagram at “colorist.factory.”

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